Oriental Shop

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1029 S Park St

Madison WI 53715


Opening times

Mon. 10:30 am - 7:00 pm
Tue. Closed
Wed. 10:30 am - 7:00 pm
Thu. 10:30 am - 7:00 pm
Fri. 10:30 am - 7:00 pm
Sat. 10:30 am - 6:00 pm
Sun. 12:00 pm - 5:00 pm
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“One unique thing is that they get sushi grade fish every other Saturday (I have not yet tried it).”
“My roommate is half Japanese and grew up learning about cooking Japanese cuisine.”
“I love this place already and will definitely be a frequent customer!”
  • They have a great selection of sashimi grade fish that comes in every other Saturday...
  • She said they are more than happy to fill special orders as well...
  • So nice !
  • The people working there are very nice and friendly which is good because you will need their help to find what you want without randomly digging through the freezers!
  • The store owners are nice and you can tell this place is family owned and operated...
Service & Staff
  • I came in 10 minutes before closing yet the woman who helped me was incredibly friendly and helpful ...
  • Lovely customer service !
  • The owners seem to be a Japanese couple-very nice ; and the customer service here beats anywhere I can recall...
  • guilty)- the lady at the desk knew right where everything I wanted was, reccomended alternatives that I actually liked better, and answered every one of my questions, explaned details and differences in various products, reccomended how to prepare what needed preparing, with patience and genuine helpful lness that showed no sign of annoyance or frustation that one might reasonably expect asking so many questions at any other store...
  • In addition, I must point out just how good the service is; I had a question (technical issuse that my rusty ability to understand the Kanji on the package resuluted in), called the store days later, left voicemail, & figured "oh well Ill ask next time I go, no one bothers calling back ...
Food & Drinks
  • Unique items, if you like Japanese food or are looking for something besides mac-n-cheese/wonder bread, then a stop here is a must...
  • I could go on forever- its like a Lawsons or Japanese 7-11; I spent some time in Japan and quick ly found the 24hr place- it had Everything I could want and then more- eventually my budget was drasticly impacted by a addiction to Japanese junk-food: esp canned IceCoffee(I had several fav brands, 6-12cans/day, inc...
  • My host family actually became concerned over my food splurging, but it was worth every yen...
  • Now this isnt a 7-11, in fact I'd say the variety is much wider and (excepting 'my' brand of icecoffee), they stock things that I ve never seen anywhere else in the states, certainly madison, and I always end up finding some obscure product I'd not realisticly expect to find each time I go there...
  • Oh, that and the food and other items that I, at least, can't find anywhere else not near Kansai provice...
  • Nice place to get Japanese food ...
  • As other reviewers have said, what makes this place awesome is the customer service --the lady who owns the store is so nice and helpful , and will be more than willing to explain any questions you might have about Japanese food ...
  • From the outside this place looks like a gift shop or something like that, but this is the place to go for sashimi-grade fish in Madison if you want to make sushi at home (if you're in Madison, you can make better sushi at home than you can get at a restaurant, for a lot cheaper!
  • also before you go- remember cash only, so hit up an atm (there might be a couple on/near campus); but dont let that put you off, everything is very reasonably priced ...
  • I'd add this opinion comes from a guy who wont buy clothes (or much else) retail due to guilt over markup- when youve been to china and realize what things actallly cost, you too may find yourself confused and upset over a minimum 30-800x price hike...
  • I found most of items to be fresh and reasonably priced ...
Average user rating - 100 out of 100 .

608-251-7991 reverse phone lookup

  • Phone 608-251-7991 owned by Oriental Shop, Grocery, Ethnic Food, Seafood Markets, Japanese Market, Asian Grocery Stores, Asian Market in Madison, WI.
  • Oriental Shop address: 1029 S Park St, Madison, WI, 53715

How to call Oriental Shop from abroad:

+1 608 251 7991

Dialing formats:
  • 608-251-7991
  • 6082517991

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