Sam’s Sourdough Cafe

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3702 Cameron St

Fairbanks AK 99709


Opening times

Mon.8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Tue.8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Wed.8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Thu.8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Fri.8:00 am - 5:00 pm

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“Ordered the Reindeer Sausage with Eggs and mini stack of Sourdough 'cakes - tasty!”
“Biscuits and gravy, country fried steak, eggs, hash browns, good coffee are also a great way to start a cold morning :)”
“The fire started in the kitchen and took out the whole place.”
  • Our waitress Jocelyn was great, so nice and knew the menu!
  • It was great to make it fast I tell them I give them 5$ for the food...
  • " We later discovered that almost all the good reviews for this place were for breakfast, while most of the bad ones were for dinner)...
  • I love good food but I can usually force myself to eat not-so-great food if its a necessity...
  • The clam chowder might have been tasty except there was so much corn starch in it, it was practically a solid mass, especially as it cooled off...
  • This was one of the few meals I absolutely could not finish, it was THAT bad...
  • The salad was nothing special - very pedestrian (just some iceberg lettuce and a slice of cucumber) but not bad...
  • The "fish" was rubbery, had a mealy texture (as if it was in the freezer for a long time but poorly sealed so it was freezer burned), and it had a bad, almost garbagy smell to it...
  • corn-starchy grey slop with about 6 tiny pieces of unidentifiable brown/grey things in it, poured over rice, which, like the fries, was nothing special but at least not awful...
  • We ate the fries and ate around the edges of the rice just so we wouldn't have hunger pains overnight but we could not eat the main dishes - they were THAT bad...
  • Hash browns disappointing - either the oil was bad or something else was wrong...
Service & Staff
  • The restaurant is clean, the staff is friendly and the breakfast was SO delicious!
  • We had our food in a matter of minutes and it was exactly how I asked for it...
  • I will never eat breakfast anywhere else in Fairbanks ever again!
  • Can't wait to try lunch!
  • I was coming to Sam sourdough cafe for lunch I was waiting for 10 min for the food...
Food & Drinks
  • The menu comprises all dinermental elements: pancakes, fried foods, gravy boats, melts, pies, tra la la!
  • What they called "tri-tip" was nothing like real tri-tip - it was more like a reconstituted WW-II food ration that was well past its "use by" date...
  • We also didn't feel comfortable sending the food back and asking for something else, as we didn't want to complain and then risk whatever might be in something else they sent out way (it was just us, the cook and the server left at the place by the time we got served)...
  • Because our food was sooo inedible, we will not be returning, even for breakfast...
  • The place was busy when we arrived fairly late on a Friday morning, but we were seated right away and served some pretty decent hot coffee within about a minute...
  • Ordered the Reindeer Sausage with Eggs and mini stack of Sourdough 'cakes - tasty!
  • and the 'cakes were VERY good - fluffy, sourdough-ey, good portion, perfect butter and syrup absorption :)Our server was friendly and quick and considering the place was very busy that Sat morning, I was surprised we had our food so quickly after ordering...
  • If you want good food in a cheery atmosphere, this is the place...
  • One of us ordered fish and chips and the other had the "tri-tip steak" with clam chowder and a side salad, which was their special that evening ($9,95)...
  • Plus, the prices were reasonable and the service was great...
  • good prices - recipe for a return visit...
  • The prices were fair...
  • We will go to (highly recommended) Family Restaurant instead - we ate there three times for different meals and had great experiences each time - that review will be coming soon...
  • Everything we tried at this place was excellent (for a greasy spoon diner breakfast, anyway-- which is exactly what we were after), but the reindeer sausage and sourdough pancakes really stood out and have been making me dream of returning ever since...
  • Definitely recommend...
  • Highly recommended...
Average user rating - 88 out of 100.

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  • Phone 907-479-0523 owned by Sam’s Sourdough Cafe, Breakfast & Brunch, Cafes, American Traditional, Breakfast Restaurants, Best Restaurants, Food located in Fairbanks, AK.
  • Sam’s Sourdough Cafe address: 3702 Cameron St, Fairbanks, AK, 99709

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+1 907 479 0523

Dialing formats:
  • 907-479-0523
  • 9074790523

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